Why Choose Labour Hunter Agency

1. Provide Quality Foreign Worker with Affordable & Low Price

We provide quality foreign labour with a lower than market price.

2. Tailor Made Package available for different needs

We serve a variety of small business, small and medium enterprise and multinational companies in Malaysia with customized package depending on customer’s needs.

We also have custom package available for employer who faces high tax issue in hiring foreign labour. Check it out here.

3. Fast Processing Time

Our staff is dedicated and experience with the process to hire foreign worker. Thus, we will ensure that the time taken to hire foreign worker for your company is short.

4. Professional Team & Friendly Customer Support

Our staff are well trained and experienced with the process and details about the foreign worker supply in Malaysia. 

We are also able to provide consultancy regarding to foreign worker supply for your company.

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Email: info@labourhunter.com

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